benefits of saffron and geritol for pregnant women.

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In today's post, I'll tell you a tip for the pregnidinhas, you know about the health benefits of saffron and also like the Geritol article.

I started to search and found several nice things, and not only for pregnant women but for the health itself now I will quote below some tips.

When we are pregnant we are aware of many vitamins and it is there that among this wonderful vitamin complex geritol, because it contains much iron in its composition and helps to strengthen the body and the more energy.

Among the substances that make up saffron, the potent antioxidants, as well as the interesting levels of vitamin A, folic acid, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin C stand out. In addition, this spice is considered very useful for high-performance athletes, as it believes It is said to relieve fatigue and muscle inflammation.

Not all that, this plant is also very valuable for the liver, since it protects the organ against injuries produced by the toxins that are ingested when consumed food in poor conservation.
My mother has always used in food and also to get on bruises, so use in pregnancy is very important to leave women and baby protected.
I hope you like the tips, a super kiss and God bless you.
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