Boa Tarde gente,adoro acordar e já tomar meu @cha.detox pela manhã durante o dia sinto meu corpo leve e sem inchaço,chá detox ajuda limpar e desintoxicar nosso corpo. Além de tudo isso o sabor é sensacional e o resultado final então vocês vão se apaixonar. Com ingredientes naturais ou iChá Detox é um chá elaborado para trazer essa paz e tranquilidade que você precisa para recuperar como suas energias para o dia a dia.

 Local de vendas em campo mourão, e também a Liliane entrega pra todo brasil. Farmácias Macfarma, Casa Do chá ,Armazém natural, Farmácia catedral, + saúde casa de produtos naturais. 



Se você é fã do jogo Minecraft, com certeza conhece o mineiro Marco Túlio, mais conhecido como Authentic devido ao seu canal na rede social onde seu perfil, Auhentic Games, já reuni mais de 18 milhões de seguidores. Com seu jeito divertido, é hoje um dos maiores canais de game do país, com mais de 7 bilhões de visualizações.

Desde que foi criado em 2011, conforme o próprio Marco explica em seu perfil da rede, ele posta em seu canal vídeos de conteúdos voltados para crianças de todas as idades, sempre se preocupando em fazer um entretenimento saudável. E este sucesso todo agora estréia na Foroni com uma linha de produtos exclusiva.

A coleção Authentic Games assinada pelo youtuber traz cadernos universitários, brochura, cartografia, agenda escolar e estojos, todos com um visual descontraído do gamer. Os produtos já estão disponíveis em todas as papelaria de todo o país.

Conheça a coleção:

Foroni Caderno Universitário Authentic Games Capa Dura – 80 ou 160 folhas;
Quatro opções de capas com verniz reserva e laminação fosca, espiral preto, bolsa de papel, adesivos, guarda, pauta e divisórias decoradas.

Foroni Caderno Brochura/Brochurão Authentic Games Capa Dura Costurado – 80 folhas;
Quatro opções de capas com laminação brilho, pauta básica e guarda decorada.

Foroni Caderno Cartografia e Desenho Authentic Games Capa Dura – 96 folhas;
Uma opção de capa com laminação brilho e espira preto.

Foroni Agenda Escolar Authentic Games Capa Dura – 96 folhas;
Duas opções de capa com laminação brilho, lombada costurada e miolo decorado. Agenda permanente, dois dias por página.

Foroni Estojo Authentic Games;
Estojo em poliéster e PVC. Disponíveis com 1, 2 ou 3 compartimentos.

SAC: 11/2067-2000 ou
insta: @clube_foroni | #foroni2020 #meuforoni2020 #foronilovers

my wish list of CHAMARIPA

Hi people ! All right?

How are you? I kinda messed up here more super active in me instagram @hairemakeupblog, well today the tip goes especially for men. I'll tell you a little about the CHAMARIPA store, where it has beautiful shoes, including one but beautiful one.

Already goes the tip for who wants to gift love or gifts father, uncle, some dear.

Ever heard of  men's boots  ? Many innovations and modernity for the boy to sweep in the look, of walk, dinner, anyway all occasions.

 Check out some details about this;

For those who do not know are known cuddles, shoes with a slight tilt in the back, and i particularly find a charm for men, very cool and stripped at the same time chic.

Those are just a few very many options I have chosen for you guys to feel with the store is complete.

A little about the store:

As the leading and most professional international brand of footwear for lifts, CHAMARIPA lifts Shoes Corporation was founded in 1996, manufacturing footwear for premium male lifts using the philosophy of quality, service and integrity. Taking the shoe to the level of an art form, each pair of CHAMARIPA shoes is carefully hand-crafted in a process that includes at least 32 separate production steps. No detail is too small, for the supreme quality is the cornerstone of the name CHAMARIPA.

I recommend super, check more details here
I hope you enjoyed the tips until the next

my choices at Chicgostyle online store

Hello, my darlings, is everything alright with you ?

Today I will indicate Chicgostyle, she works with clothes, accessories, shoes and other things.
The models available in the store has an incredible design and gives to compose several different looks.

I chose some parts below check;

I am in love with fashion blazers, I like to wear various shapes, dresses, pants, skirts, shorts and more. . .
In the store you will find many different models, colors and sizes, I am crazy here as a child in the playground, I think I will buy everything.

So my loves, the site has an endless variety of coats and blazers, a plus point is that each model has a different design for each occasion.
Some say that combining blazer looks is one of the most arduous tasks in the closet. That's because the blazer was, for a long time, considered a piece of the male closet, chic social and going out with her day-to-day if it were not for a job interview would be a big sin of fashion. Will be? That was it. The blazer is a haute couture item, but it has migrated to modernity and today it is a casual women's garment.
Surely on the site they will find that piece that suits you the most, and will come out raging at events throughout Brazil
Do as I do, pick your favorites and get it already.

 1 / 2 / 3 

Now it's time to share some cheap boots online with you, the store contains a lot of models, styles and incredible design.
I chose different models to have idea and to know a little of everything that has th there high heels, high boots and low boots are so beautiful that it is difficult to choose only one.

1 / 2 / 3 /

 Chicgostyle offers fast fashion at designer boutique quality. Our team of professional buyers identify all the latest fashion trends, at the same time examine every detail of product quality.

I hope you enjoyed the tips until the next

Christmas gifts in Berrylook

Hi darlings, whats up ?
Today I bring a nice tip, I recently met Berrylook a virtual store where you can do your shopping to gift this Christmas.
I made a short list of some products that I loved, and I'm sure to buy because the prices are very attractive.
Check below;

I chose three models of womens knitwear,

The pieces are very stylish and colorful, the models are also very varied has for all tastes and for any occasion coats, cardigans and dresses, all the meshes of impeccable quality.

Now we go to a part that is my passion the cheap women's boots, I chose some models that have conquered my heart, have low heels, high boots and also with ziper.The models are well assorted it is difficult to choose one.

I hope you like the tips, a kiss and until the next post.

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